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To get the best out of your move, NY NY Moving offers the following tips to help our customers with their planning.

Plan Your Movement Before Time2018-09-01T19:33:20+00:00

How to organize your time line in motion

Will you need someone to watch your children or pets during the moving process? Are you counting on your friends to help you on the day of the move? Give all your helpers advance notice, especially if they will not be paid for helping you. And while you’re doing it, make sure you’ve requested free time on your move-in day. Notify utility companies, the post office, insurance companies, the bank, and anyone else you need to know about your change of address at least two weeks before you leave.

Should You DIY Your Move?2018-09-01T19:35:54+00:00

How big is the move?

Moving on your own will cost less than hiring a moving company, but before doing it alone, consider: how big the move is. Taking a teenager to college or even moving to a first or second apartment is a very different experience than moving to a four-bedroom house or reducing to a retirement condominium. Describe exactly what it will entail, in terms of quantity and size of belongings and furniture to determine what amount and what kind of help you will need. Your resistance and that of your assistants. Moving is exhausting, both mentally and physically. Are all the back / knee / skills to cope with stress? It will cost more than you think. Factor: the cost of supplies (boxes, adhesive tapes, markers, bubble wrap, rope),

Do you offer storage services?2018-09-01T19:37:21+00:00


We also offer rental of storage units, loading and unloading, collection and delivery of purchased products (including furniture, appliances, etc.) and disposal of garbage from household items.

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